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Company’s Development Process
Since the establishment of Shandong Runhai Wind Power Development Co., Ltd. in September,
 2008, it has been aimed at accelerating the development of wind power, increasing the supply
of clean energy, protecting the environment and achieving a sustainable development and ser
-ving the local economic construction. In September of the same year, the Company was invited
 to sign the agreement of wind power electricity generation project in Haiyang with the People’s
 Government of Haiyang, reaching the planed cooperation goals of total installed gross capacity
 of 300 thousand KW and total investment amount of USD 400-500 million. The subsidiary com
-pany of Hong Kong United Energy Investment Co., Ltd. participated in the signing ceremony
as the long-term investor. On the occasion, the Company opened a prelude to the development
 of the wind power resources in Haiyang.
The wind power plant project of Shandong Runhai is constructed in six phases according to the
 policy and plan of “overall planning, orderly development, implementation by steps and harm
-onious development”. The specific arrangements are Phase I Eshan Mountain (Zhuwu Township)
, Phase II Southern Tianmen Mountain (Xinan Township, Xiaoji Township and Ershili Township),
 Phase III Maershan Mountain (Xiaoji Township), Phase IV Pileishan Mountain (Zhuwu Township)
, Phase V Qiulongshan Mountain (Ershili Township and Xiaoji Township) and Phase VI Xiangshan
 Mountain (Xiaoji Township and Xingcun Township).
The Eshan Mountain wind power plant project is the Phase Ⅰ project of the Company d wind po
-wer resources in Haiyang, located at Eshan Mountain and its surrounding mountains at the nor
-theast of Zhuwu Township, with average elevation of 380 meters and annual average wind speed
 of 6.1m/s.Its geographical coordinates is between E 121°09′ and E 121°15′, N 36°55′ and N
37°10′, and coordinates of anemometer tower is N36°57.481′,E121°12.610′.The permanent land
 is about 26.88 Mu, and temporary land is about 182.25 Mu. The planned installed capacity is 49.5
MW, and 33 draught fans of 1500kW are installed, with annual utilization hours of about 1956
hours and annual energy output of about 96.822 million kWh. A total of USD Eighty Three Million
 Eight hundred and Forty Thousand is jointly invested for the project, the registered capital is USD
 Twenty Eight Million, among which Chengde Aoxing Electric Power Engineering Construction Co.,
 Ltd. accounts for 51% and Hong Kong United Energy Investment Co., Ltd. accounts for 49%.
Under the concern and support of the leadership of all levels, in 2009, the project obtained the
approved document issued by the provincial development and reform commission (LFGWZ [2009]
0984) and the registration certificate of provincial industrial and commercial bureau (registered
 No.:370000400006203)。In January, 2011, Shandong Electric Power Corporation officially
approved and consented Eshan Mountain Wind Power Plant Access System Plan (Leader Group
FZ [2011] No.60).In August of the same year, NDRC approved the project as a CDM project
 (NDRC/CD [2011] No. 1819), at the same time, the Company signed the agreement of transfer
of greenhouse gas emission reduction by the project with Germany Bavaria Emissions Reduction
Trading Co., Ltd.
Ups and downs of time, step forward generates winds. Runhai Wind Power Development Co., Ltd.
 is using its young physique, courage and insight, the passion, honesty, keeping pace with the
times, innovation; The people in Runhai Wind Power will also in good faith responsibility, vitality
and innovative purposes bravely Qilu earth and even the building of the national wind power
 market tide, trying to be the errand boy of wind power resource development.
Shandong Runhai Wind Power Development Co., Ltd.

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