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Give me a chance, and you will get a blue sky in return
——— Introduction to the development of new energy of Hong Kong United Energy Investment Co.,
Ltd.Nowadays, the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities and global
climate changes are more and more impacting lives and health of human beings in a direct and
indirect ways. To change the situation, not only various of commitments are required, the
most important is to put into practice. Hong Kong United Energy Investment Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong
United Energy for short) seizes the chance and takes advantage and quickly devotes to the
sustainable new energy industries including development of wind resources (assessment of wind
power resources, construction of wind power plant, management and operation of wind power plant,
promotion of Clean Development Mechanism), research and development of solar energy combined
to the grid photovoltaic industry (research and innovation of solar energy technologies, engineering
 planning and construction, production and manufacturing of materials such as battery piece, etc.).
At the beginning of 2012, the company was invited to sign wind power development agreement with
Shandong provincial government, from this time, the wind power development at Shandong Peninsula
begins. Shandong Runhai Wind Power Development Co., Ltd. (Runhai Wind Power for short. It is
located at No. 25 Yantai street, economic and technological development zone, Haiyang City, which
is the shore of Yellow Sea and the capital of Asian beach, covering an area of over 30 Mu, building
area of 2166 square meters and 40 staffs currently), as the subsidiary of the company, is responsible
for the development, construction and operation of new energy for the company. At the end of 2013,
the 300 thousand KW wind power engineering project of Shandong Runhai, invested with RMB 3
billion, was put into operation and combined to the grid. In 2014, it shall complete the wind power
goals of up to RMB 5 billion of total investment and 500 thousand KW of gross installed capacity
 in Yantai and Weihai of Shandong; Complete the development goals for wind power engineering
project of up to RMB 2 billion of total investment and 200 thousand KW gross installed capacity in
Hebei; Complete the development of solar energy combined to the grid photovoltaic project of RMB
3 billion in Gansu.Moreover, all new energy development projects of the company are served as
Clean Development Mechanism Project by National Development and Reform Commission .The
company has signed the transfer contract of greenhouse gas reduction generated by the project
which has been put into operation with Germany Bavaria Emissions Reduction Trading Co., Ltd.
and other emissions reduction trading companies at home and abroad. On February 7, 2014, the
president of Shandong Runhai Wind Power Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Yang Chunliu, was awarded
the title of “Excellent Entrepreneur of Economic Development of the City in 2013 Year” by CPC
Haiyang Municipal Committee and People’s Government of Haiyang. Shandong Runhai Wind
Power Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Demonstration Enterprise of Foreign
Economy and Trade of the City in 2013 Year”.
Chengde Aoxing Electric Power Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as
Aoxing Electric Construction) is a construction company owned by Hong Kong United Energy.
Founded in March, 2006.The Company has 212 staffs currently of which 78 are graduates from
junior colleges and technical secondary schools.90 staffs have obtained primary professional
technical titles among which 3 are senior engineers and 20 are engineers. It has USD 3.38
million of fixed assets, and USD 7.18 million of net asset. Now there are over 300 sets of various
mechanical equipment, and over 20 sets of corresponding hoisting and transport vehicles as
well as measuring, detecting instruments and instruments such as total station, etc. During the
production and construction companies, the company insists the diversified development road
of taking power engineering construction business as the principal, sidelining in related industries.
Its business scope includes electric power line, installation of power transformation, maintenance
of electric facilities, electric corrosion prevention, civil engineering and sales of electric materials,
etc... The company has set up over 28 electric transmission line between 35 KV to 220 KV such
as wind power plant, etc. accumulatively, with the total length exceeding 800 kilometer; It has
completed 13 wind power plants such as China Datang, etc., 35KV line engineering design with
capacity of 609.6 MW, 3 coal mines as well as design and construction engineering of tunnel
distributing line successively, the first acceptance rate of each engineering is 100% and each
engineering was awarded high-quality engineering; So far, the company is still undertaking the
operation and maintenance of 10 China Datang wind power plants, maintenance of 13 wind
power plant line engineering, and operation and maintenance of 4 wind power plant substations.
Hong Kong United Energy, as the foreign-funded enterprise, is required by the provincial government
to participate into international economic and technical cooperation and competition in larger range
and extensive fields as well as deeper levels, to improve the quality and level of foreign-funded enterprises.
According to the requirement, the company, under the correct leadership of the president, Mr. Yang
Chunliu, keeping a foothold in China, facing the international market, pursuing proper development,
particularly our friendly neighboring country Federal Republic of Myanmar shall be the future develo
-pment direction of the company as for its abundant solar energy resources, excellent natural,
economic and social environments. We will seize golden opportunity, to accomplish greatest achie
-vement. All people in the company shall seize the chance, determine to bravely stand in the trend
head of new energy development, and try to be the errand boy of improving climate and benefiting

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