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IV. Wind power plant conditions of Eshan Mountain

IV. Wind power plant conditions of Eshan Mountain
The planed installed capacity of Shandong Runhai Haiyang Eshan Mountain wind
power plant project is 49.5 MW, installing 33 sets of fans of 1500kW, and the
project was approved by the provincial development and reform commission (LFGWZ
[2009] No. 1435 and SWZLFZ [2009] No.0984) in November, 2009; In January,
2011, State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company officially approved and consented
Eshan Mountain wind power plant access system plan (LDJTFZ [2011] No.60). In
August of the same year, National Development and Reform Commission approved
 the project as a Clean Development Mechanism Project (FGQH [2011] No. 1819),
and the Company signed the agreement of transfer of greenhouse gas emission
reduction by the project with Germany Bavaria Emissions Reduction Trading Co.,
Ltd. A total of USD Eighty Three Million Eight hundred and Forty Thousand is jointly
 invested for the project, the registered capital is USD Twenty Eight Million, among
 which Chengde Aoxing Electric Power Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. accounts
 for 51% and Hong Kong United Energy Investment Co., Ltd. accounts for 49%.
Shandong Runhai Wind Power Development Co., Ltd., as the project company of
wind power plant construction, is responsible for construction and operation of
wind power plant.
So far, the task of engineering construction of 100 KV booster station of the project
 has been completed. The foundation of 33 sets of fans has been completed, and the
 hoisting work will be completed in the near future; the three 35kv line engineering
 and 110kv transmission line engineering in the wind power plant have been completed
 basically. Various preparation work for the wind power plant before combination to
the grid are well underway, striving for combined to the grid in May, 2014.

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